Are These the Most Dangerous Selfies Ever Taken?

There seems to be a lot of people who are willing to undertake any dangerous situation just for the sake of bragging rights as the one who has taken the most dangerous selfie among his/her friends.

Just a few days ago, we reported about a girl who died from electrocution after trying to take the ultimate selfie on top of a train. Sigh. Will this stupidity never end? It appears that as long as there is social media where these people can post their crazy acts, the number of dangerous selfies will continue to increase by the minute!

Of course, there are some who cheat on the selfie craze by using Photoshop to their advantage – placing themselves into photos that are often too dangerous to look real.

Take a look at some of the most dangerous selfies ever taken and shared on the web. I believe many of you will think these people are foolish for doing these selfies but I guess they only wanted to best their friends – and they might have succeeded because their photos are plastered across the web!

Watch the video of these dangerous selfies as compiled by Keepin it Karl on YouTube:

What is a Selfie?

Well, we all know what a selfie is but for the sake of grandmas and grandpas (and alien life who might stumble upon this post in the future), let’s define what it means.

As the word already implies, this is a photo taken by yourself, by the main and lone subject of the photograph. Often, it is taken within arm’s length but it could also be a photo of yourself on the mirror. Another option of taking a selfie is to use a selfie stick which has become quite popular these days.

Although taking a photo using the camera’s timer feature can also, technically, be a selfie, the use of the word does not include that kind of photography.

More often than not, people take selfies to share with friends and followers on social media.

A selfie is a photo of just one individual. If there are more than one person in the photo, then the term used is a “groufie” or an “usie”.