Anti-Cheating Tactics? Photos of Students Wearing Helmets During Test Draw Mixed Reactions

A lot of teachers face problems with their students cheating in class using various methods, anything from passing notes and exam sheets to taking a peek at their seatmates’ answers.

Some teachers solve that problem by putting the students at seats that are farther apart, but that still doesn’t always work. So, many also add extra ‘props’, just like some teachers requiring the students to hide their test papers inside exam folders or using other methods to cover their work.

But photos of students wearing helmets during a recent test in Thailand drew mixed reactions from netizens.

Photo credit: Malee Kawsanthia / Facebook

The students were identified to be from Rajamangala University of Technology Isan in  Nai-muang muang Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand

The photos were first shared on social media with the caption pertaining to the teacher being clever enough to have this idea of making the students use a helmet during the test. But many pointed out that the helmets don’t really appear to make any difference in hiding the students’ test paper or preventing them from peeking at their seatmates’ work.

Many even slammed the teacher for making the students use the helmets as the added weight on their heads could actually affect their concentration.

But the school would soon explain what actually happened.

According to the school’s Department of Agricultural and Environmental Technology, the students were not wearing the helmets as anti-cheating tactics but were actually told to do so for the 100% helmet campaign to encourage riders to wear helmets while driving.

Photo credit: Malee Kawsanthia / Facebook

The students were told to wear the helmets for 15 minutes until their attendance was checked.

We live in a society that focuses on unity. Different but not divided. We should know where our obligations lie and what we should do. We apologize for the misunderstanding,” the department added.

But even with that explanation, netizens still could not help but laugh and poke fun at the photos.

I think this is a driving test,” one amused netizen quipped.

What is a Driving Test?

A driving test is the procedure that tests the driver’s ability to operate a motor vehicle. It is a requirement before anyone is issued a driver’s license.