Angry Homeowner Puts Clingwrap Around Car Parked Outside His House

These days, it is difficult to find free parking spaces – especially in the big cities. But what if you need to go on a holiday and need to park your car for a couple of days? You’ll surely be facing a lot of charges on parking spots or risk getting parking tickets by parking in illegal spots.

Some car owners have found a way to get around this problem by parking at residential areas near the airport or the ship’s port. In doing so, they get to save money on parking fees – but risk the ire of the angry homeowners affected by their actions.

Thirty six-year-old Neil Junglas lives in Hunts Cross, Liverpool, just a few minutes away from the airport. For years, he kept seeing strangers parking their vehicles long-term outside his home.

One day, Junglas was preparing dinner with his daughter when he saw yet another car about to park outside his house. Moments later, a man and woman got out of the car carrying two suitcases. The two left in a taxi, speeding away while the car remained at the street outside Junglas’ home.

Judging from what he had seen, Junglas deduced that the couple was going on a holiday and won’t be collecting their car anytime soon. Fed up with having to deal with these travelers, Junglas bought a big roll of clingwrap and had a little fun putting the plastic wrap around the car.

The clingwrapped-car has become a sort of tourist attraction outside Junglas’ home, with quite a number of people taking selfies with the vehicle. The couple who owns the car wouldn’t be too happy to find their car in this manner – especially if the photo of their vehicle has reached them now that it has become viral.

What is Clingwrap?

Clingwrap is a thin sheet of plastic that is a bit stretchy but easily scrunches so you can use it to wrap containers of any shape or size. The item is often used to wrap food container and keep the contents fresh for a longer time.