Angry Brother Shares Photos of Sister Who Nearly Died Due to Bullying

Bullying has claimed a lot of lives; sadly, despite the numerous warnings and news reports regarding the matter, it still happens anyway.

An angry brother, Jansen Custodio, shared the pitiful photos of his sister who was hospitalized due to bullying. It turned out the girl was bullied and assaulted by a group consisting of one guy and three girls.

The incident happened last February 22, 2018.

On his Facebook post, Jansen narrated that eyewitnesses told them his sister fought back one of the bullies; thus, the three others helped each other assault her.

The guy hit her on the back and neck, causing her to feel weak but the bullies were not satisfied. The three girls pulled her hair, with one slamming her head against the ground. This caused her to lose consciousness but the four continued to assault her.

The four continued hitting Jansen’s sister Loida until someone told them to bring her to the hospital.

According to Jansen, his sister was unconscious for 6 hours and was also having seizures. This turned out to be due to the traumatic brain injury she suffered from the assault.

A nerve had burst at the back of her neck, leading to swelling inside her head. She also suffered bleeding in her nose.

Her life is still in danger. It’s sad that such a young life could be snuffed out by heartless bullies.

What’s worse is that the perpetrators were minors and could not be charged for the crime they committed. That means that they can easily get away with what they did to Loida.

Yes, such cases are forwarded for processing at the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) where they will be placed under the supervision of social workers but in reality, they still get away with the crime.

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