American Writers Try Balut for the First Time

American writers from the Business Insider tried a famous and exotic delicacy from the Philippines and their reactions are hilarious.

Host Sydney Kramer decided to feature the local food balut or fertilised duck embryo in her story “We Ate Balut — The Absolute Strangest Food You Can Find In New York”.

Nicole Ponseca, owner of the New York-based Filipino restaurant Maharlika, gave a detailed tutorial on how to properly eat a balut.

While Kramer found balut generally delicious, her food trip adventure didn’t end there. She took the strange food to the headquarters of Business Insider to get the reactions of her co-workers.

Seeing the weird-looking egg for the first time, the Business Insider staff were totally clueless of what’s inside it.

One staff even commented that there were bugs inside it.

“Bugs. Probably not an egg,” said Science reporter Dina Spector.

Kramer even asked her co-workers to peel off the shell of the balut.

“There’s Jurassic park in here,” said Amelia Acosta, a politics intern.

Of course, the experience wouldn’t be complete without them tasting the exotic food. Just like you imagined, their reactions are totally hilarious.

Kevin Smith, Business Insider’s tech reporter even commented: “I feel like I’m in Fear Factor right now.”

Watch these American writers’ funny reactions when they eat balut for the first time.

Is balut an aphrodisiac?

Regarded by food writers as the Philippines’ “much loved delicacy”, balut is believed by many as an aphrodisiac food. In fact, it has been dubbed as the “Philippine viagra”.

Medically, it has not been proven to increase sexual desire.

Even if balut has not been proven to make you last longer in bed, the Pinoy exotic food has plenty of health benefits.

Rich in protein, calcium and iron, balut is a nutritious snack that boosts our energy.