Against All Odds: Security Guard Now Teacher in School He Served

Remember Security Guard (SG) Edwin Macua who went viral last year for graduating cum laude from the school he was working in? Well, he’s gotten viral again for getting an upgrade – he’s become a teacher there!

In March 2017, Macua took the stage at St. Theresa’s College (STC) in Cebu City with loud cheers from the crowd, not just because he was completing his Bachelor of Elementary Education degree as cum laude but also because he’s a security guard who has been serving the school for about 20 years.

Photo credit: Lito Tecson / Cebu Daily News

All the students certainly knew him as their school guard – and many cheered for their favorite ‘Kuya Guard’.

Months later, Macua earned his license as teacher. The school staff and students were as excited as him to await the results of the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET).

Recently, it was revealed that Macua was accepted as teacher at STC. He’s just received a major upgrade from security guard to school teacher! Isn’t that inspiring?

But Macua was a little bit nervous. Considering that he’s been a security guard at the school for 20 years, many of the parents knew him as such; he is afraid that they might question his capabilities.

Of course, he graduated cum laude and has a license but after being a guard for so long, he just couldn’t help but feel a little unsure. Thankfully, the school administrators and staff were very supportive.

He is set to undergo further trainings to ensure he is ready to become a full-fledged elementary school teacher. He also receives help from fellow teachers in creating lesson plans as well as assistance in Power Point presentations; but he is ready to prove himself.

Photo credit: Sun Star

They told me that they would help me every step of the way, especially because it’s already the age of computers so I’m slowly learning how to use it and the internet, like in making Power Point presentations,” he revealed.