After Successful 2019, Company Gives Away Brand-New Cars at Christmas Party

What’s the biggest or most expensive raffle item your company has ever given away for a Christmas party? Most companies probably offer motorcycles or flat-screen TVs or other household appliances as major prizes, but a company recently went viral for offering brand-new cars at their Christmas party after a rather successful year! Can you believe that?

After a record-breaking 2019, US-based wholesale mortgage lender United Shore Financial Services felt like celebrating so much that it gave away a total of 13 Cadillac XT5s! But that’s not all. The company also raffled off 30 cruise trips to the Bahamas and hundreds of minor prices. We all have one question after this… Where can we send our application? LOL.

With the Cadillac XT5 price starting at $41,695 (Php2.1 million), the company had so easily given away over $542k (Php27 million)! Whoa. They really must have had a really wonderful year, huh?

It was a good year around here. The secret sauce is the people and the culture and the team,” explained company CEO Mat Ishbia, beaming with pride.

Photo credit: United Shore / Facebook

Indeed, the company’s financial report shows that it had lots of reasons to celebrate. Not only did its workforce nearly double from 2,700 to 4,800 in just one year (they started hiring at least 250 people per month), the company was expected to have increased its mortgage broker volume production by more than double – or a whopping $106 billion!

With that much money in sales, it’s really no wonder that the company oh so willingly raffled off that many luxury cars in the Christmas party! For sure, everyone would work extra hard next year so the company might raffle off more luxury cars or, perhaps, give them bigger bonuses.

What’s a Mortgage Broker?

A mortgage broker is someone or a company that handles mortgage loans on behalf of individuals or businesses. This is often done through a bank or other traditional lending institutions.

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