Aeta Finds Love, Shares First Kiss with Beautiful Woman

An Aeta finds love and shares first kiss with a beautiful woman – and their love story has gone viral, with many netizens wishing that it is for real!

Aeta Falls in Love

Mariano Sapuno Lingay is an Aeta singer who lives in Marcos Village, Pampanga. He would become viral as part of the love team called #Margel.

In a series of videos, the love team is introduced. Mariano supposedly finds love in Angel – and she loves him in return. A lot of netizens followed their story, starting with the time when Mariano was still trying to win her love.

When Angel admitted that she loves Mariano, too, netizens are screaming with ‘kilig’ and hoped that the two would be a couple forever.

In one video, Angel explains that she comes from a broken family and hopes to find love that’s for real. But she can’t also explain just how exactly she had come to fall in love with Mariano because all she knows is that she loves him. No explanations needed. Of course, there’s no explanation needed for love, right?

Netizens followed their love story, until the day when they finally shared their first kiss. Awwww. Sweet.

But there are also many who claim that the love team is not for real and that they are just trying to go viral, knowing that many people root for stories of couples who appear to be mismatched but find true love in each other.

Many of these netizens are saying that Mariano appears to be really in love with Angel but they feel that she’s just trying to make it appear that she’s in love with him. Some pointed out that they are just doing this for the likes, especially because they promote the hashtags #Margel and #SYTALENTENTERTAINMENT.

Watch their first kiss video here:

Who are Aetas?

Aetas are an indigenous people who live in the mountainous parts of Luzon in the Philippines. They are known to be of short stature, dark skin, and curly hair. Pronounced as “eye-tas,” Aetas are among the earliest known migrants or inhabitants of the Philippines.

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