Adorable Video of Dog Who Loves to Sing and Play the Piano Goes Viral

Dogs are intelligent animals, but they can be so hilarious at times, too. Just like this adorable video of a dog who loves to sing and play the piano, in perfect imitation of its fur parents (well, human parents), that’s for sure.

Dog Who Loves to Sing and Play the Piano

If you have dogs at home or ever had one, you know how they love to imitate people, particularly their owners or human parents.

For example, some dogs learn how to buy fruits at the market, while others were trained to do the laundry.

But there are also some dogs that imitate their owners, perhaps out of sympathy. Just like the dog that limped while walking because its fur dad was injured and was limping for days.

Recently, though, another dog got netizens’ attention with its hilarious antics as it imitated its fur parents in playing the piano and belting its heart out. LOL.

Photo credit: CaiZaoXF5wt

Belt it out buddy, feel the music,” the amused fur parent captioned the video, with matching piano and laughing emojis.

My dog loves to sing and play the piano,” the text on the video reads.

The pooch doesn’t seem to know that someone was there in the room as it does the performance of a lifetime.

Needless to say, the internet is loving the dog’s secret performance.

Funniest video ever, he’s really getting stuck into it,” one netizen commented.

I am ready to buy whole year concert tickets of this talented artist,” a supportive netizen wrote.

Some netizens also tried to guess the song that the dog’s playing, with many agreeing that it’s the blues or the classics. LOL

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