Adorable Street Cat Goes Viral as She Greets Commuters at Train Station in Israel

Not everyone loves animals, but a lot of commuters at a train station in Israel couldn’t help but smile at an adorable street cat who decided to become the facility’s unofficial pet and mascot.

The street cat discovered a spot at the train station in Petah Tikva, a city near Tel Aviv, that seemed so interesting: right by the turnstiles where all the commuters pass.

Photo credit: Facebook / Alona Kfir

It is unknown when exactly this cat realized the train station was the most interesting place in the city, but it has become a popular fixture there, greeting commuters every single day. The cat is a regular fixture at the train station that the locals had given it a name: Shawarma! LOL.

Photo credit: Dan Kashani / Facebook

We’re not so sure if Shawarma likes her name, but the cat does enjoy hanging out at the train station day in and day out. The regular commuters have become used to seeing her there – and many tried to befriend her.

Photo credit: Dan Kashani / Facebook

I was coming back from work. As soon as I got to the gate I saw the cat lying on the gate and it was very cute — it made me smile,” Dan Kashani said.

He would take a video of Shawarma and post it on his Facebook account. Amazingly, the clip has gained nearly 5.8 million views! Wow.

Photo credit: Dan Kashani / Facebook

But though Shawarma seems to enjoy watching people, she can be quite picky and unpredictably. In fact, she doesn’t always let people give her a pat!

Photo credit: Dan Kashani / Facebook

You can pet her if you offer your hand and wait and see if she’s into it. But sometimes she’s not into it, and she’ll let people know with a slight scratch or bite. She has to be into it,” Kashani explained.

After the video went viral, Kashani received a message from the mayor.

The mayor called me up and said, ‘I want to meet that cat — what station is it?’ I told him and he actually went there and met the cat,” Kashani shared.

He gave her food and treats and a toy and petted her. I was like, ‘You’re a cool mayor, I didn’t vote for you, but I will from now on!’

Photo credit: Dan Kashani / Facebook

As for Shawarma, many say she’s a street cat but she probably thinks she owns the train station! Cute.

Photo credit: Dan Kashani / Facebook

Watch the viral video here:

Here’s the video of the mayor’s visit: