Adorable Stray Cat Asks for Cuddles from Guy Who Saved Its Life

An adorable stray cat asks for cuddles from the guy who saved its life – and these sweet moments are so cute. It’s so clear that this cat is so happy that this guy took it from the streets.

Are your pets also this cute and needy?

Adorable Stray Cat Thanks Guy Who Saved Its Life

Have you noticed that there are so many stray animals? While the number varies in different areas, there are still many of them in the streets and public areas.

stray cat

Photo credit: Don Pets

In some places, there are animal shelters that take these animals off the street. Thankfully, there are also people who find ways to adopt these animals and bring them home.

While not all these animals find a new home, it’s good news for those who are able to find one.

Photo credit: Don Pets

Of course, animals probably have no idea that they were being saved when their brought to their new home, yet some animals appear to show some understanding.

Take for example one cat that has gone viral as it regularly asks for cuddles from the guy who saved its life. It might not fully understand the situation, but it appears to understand and feel grateful to this guy.

Photo credit: Don Pets

stray cat

Photo credit: Don Pets

In the clip shared by Facebook page Don Pets, the cat can be seen regularly tapping on the guy’s shoulder or face to ask for a cuddle. It’s simply so cute.

Watch the video here:

Netizens were touched by the cute little cat’s gestures.

Actually weeping at the last clip! 😭 Cat be like ‘Please don’t cry human, I’m here.’ 😫 This is so beautiful!!!” a netizen commented.

I wish the cat in my areas does the same.. I protect him, feed him but after some days he acts as if he has seen me for the first time,” another netizen commented.

Adopting a Stray Animal

The rules can vary in different places. In the Philippines, for example, you don’t need papers to adopt stray animals.

Photo credit: Don Pets

But in places such as the US, it’s important to get papers that you can process through animal shelters or similar agencies.

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