Adorable Puppy Patiently Waits in Line for Free ‘Lugaw’, Goes Viral

An adorable puppy patiently waits in life for free ‘lugaw’ (porridge) at a feeding program – and its photos quickly went viral.

Many netizens thought this little pup is so cute!

Adorable Puppy Goes Viral for Patiently Queuing for ‘Lugaw’

When people are told to make a line, it’s not really very surprising when there are those who might try to jump the queue to be first in line or move closer to the front.

But the kids lining up at a feeding program by the Kings Eagles Club and Gilas Kings Eagles Club at Brgy. Navotas East in Navotas, Metro Manila, waited patiently in line.

At the front is an adorable puppy that, like the kids, also waited patiently for their turn.

Brgy. Captain Dennis Den-den TanJuan was quite amused at the site and snapped some photos that were posted on his social media page.

adorable puppy

Photo credit: Capt. Dennis Den-den TanJuan

Wala pong sisingit nauna sya sa pila at nag tyaga mag antay sa mainit,Masarap at libreng lugaw,” the barangay captain captioned the post.

Netizens were impressed with the puppy’s discipline, especially because it appears to comprehend that they were supposed to wait in line until they get the food. What a cutie.

Masunurin yung aso kap.. naka pila.alam nya biyaya ang kanyang pinilahan..” a netizen commented.

There were also some netizens who expressed admiration over the discipline exhibited by this puppy and the kids.

Mabuti pa minsan ang Doggy displinado kaysa sa tao… Hehehe… Pero disiplinado naman pati mga bata… Nice 1 Idol/Kap Dennis Den-den TanJuan…” one netizen wrote.

Buti p ung aso marunong pumila,” another commented.

Several netizens also encouraged the barangay captain to also host a feeding program for the stray dogs in the area.

What’s the Eagles Club?

The Eagles Club, formally known as the Fraternal Order of Eagles Philippine Eagles, is the first fraternal socio-civic organization in the Philippines.

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