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Adorable Photo of Crying Boy at Sister’s Preschool Graduation Warms Hearts

During graduations, you might sometimes see weepy parents as they proudly gaze on their children and feel happy over their success. But one boy recently went viral for the same thing – because he felt really proud of his little sister as she graduates from preschool.

Aundrea Smith of Connecticut was with her family, attending the preschool graduation of her 5-year-old daughter Charlee when she witnessed the beautiful moment. Her eldest child, 8-year-old Derek, felt so happy and proud to see his little sister clad in a cap and gown, ready to graduate from preschool, that he gave a big hug.

Tears fell from his eyes at the emotional moment – and Charlee could not help but tear up, too.

I’m just so proud of you,” Derek told his sister, crying with his heart swelling with pride.

Photo credit: Aundrea Smith / Instagram

It was such a beautiful moment that also brought tears to their parents’ eyes. After wiping his own tears, Aundrea’s husband asked Charlee, “Pumpkin, why are you crying?

I’m just so happy,” she replied.

After Aundrea captured the beautiful moment, she shared this on Instagram where it went viral, gaining over 21.5k likes.

Many netizens loved how these two obviously love each other and show so much support. Considering this was just preschool graduation, many netizens said that they could not wait for this girl to graduate from college and see his brother’s reaction when that happens.

It is really the sweetest thing, right?

Netizens are also praising Aundrea and her husband for raising such wonderful kids.

It was such a great moment for us seeing him so moved and happy. We were like, ‘We’re not doing so bad! They love each other,’” Aundrea said after the post went viral.

Best Gifts for Preschool Graduation

Preschool graduates are the youngest to graduate; thus, the best gifts to give them are something that they can use for school or even toys, considering their young age.

The choice of toys vary, depending on their hobbies and preferences, but psychologists warn against giving kids this age their own smartphones.

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