This Adorable Kitten Refuses to Leave Her Warm Bathtub

Cats are known to be afraid of water – and there’s even superstition in some parts of the world that pouring water on cats can cause rain to fall! But not all cats are created the same and a rare few actually love water!

Take for example this adorable cat from the now viral video shared by netizen shan zee on YouTube. Uploaded in 2013, the clip now [2016] has over 16.2 million views! And watching it, you will easily know why this rather simple clip actually went viral.

In the video, a white cat could be seen seemingly sleeping peacefully inside a small basin but a close inspection of the cat’s bathtub shows that it was actually filled with water and there were even bubbles in some areas, suggesting that the cat is actually having a bubble bath!

Screenshot from video by shan zee / YouTube

Screenshot from video by shan zee / YouTube

If you have cats at home, you surely know how difficult it can be to get a cat to bathe yet this one is certainly a rare one. It turned out that the water was warm and could be the main reason why the cat loved it yet that still is a rare thing as most cats would never dare dip even their paws in water, warm or not!

When the cat’s owner tries to take it out of the water, amazingly, the cat jumps right back in! LOL. This really is a first – and surely the reason why the clip is popular on the web.

But if you think the cat was faking it [well, how can you fake that one, anyway?], the owner tries to take the cat out of its warm bathtub again – and just as it did the first time around, it jumps right back in! Silly cat.

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