Adorable Kid Goes Viral after Realizing His Uniform No Longer Fits after Lockdown

An adorable kid goes viral after realizing his uniform no longer fits after lockdown – and many of us can all truly relate with him, huh?

Gaining Weight in Lockdown

With nothing much to do at home but eat, sleep, and just find ways to not be bored without going outside the house, a lot of people found themselves gaining a lot of weight during the lockdown period. Many are having a hard time fitting into clothes that were once too big for them to use! LOL.

adorable kid goes viral

Photo credit: Henan.China / YouTube

One kid in Henan, China, recently went viral for his adorable reaction after realizing that his uniform no longer fits him after the lockdown.

While stuck in lockdown with his family, the kid enjoyed so many delicious foods cooked at their home. It came as no surprise, then, that he could not fit in his uniform!

adorable kid goes viral

Photo credit: Henan.China / YouTube

As they were getting ready to go back to school, the boy tries to fit his uniform but broke into a fit of adorable laughter because the buttons could no longer be closed at his tummy area. No matter how hard his grandma tried to help him close the buttons, they simply wouldn’t work.

It’s also not a good idea to force the buttons to close, anyway, because these are likely to just pop out when the kid moves! LOL.

adorable kid goes viral

Photo credit: Henan.China / YouTube

But many netizens found him really adorable, especially because he did not throw a tantrum because his clothes are too small now. Instead, he was even so amused about the whole thing. That’s the spirit, kid! Let’s just look at the bright side of things…

Check out this cute video:

Staying Fit in Lockdown

During the lockdown, it’s still possible to stay fit!

First, don’t eat too much! That’s easier said than done, of course, because there’s so much time in your hands to just cook and eat. But you can eat in moderation.

Prepare healthier food options.

Buy more vegetables instead of meat and carbo-rich products.

Exercise! You can’t go walking but there are lots of exercises that you can do at home. You’ll find plenty of YouTube videos or apps to help you out.

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