Adorable Cat Bites Owner’s Earphones, Brings Back Snake as ‘Peace Offering’

Pets make their owners happy; but there are times when these curious creatures accidentally damage stuff that they thought were just toys they can easily play with and bite.

One cat recently went viral after it bit its owner’s earphones, resulting to the wire getting cut. While that’s a common thing for many with pets, what’s unique about this cat is that it brought back home a ‘peace offering’ to apologize for its actions – but the gift was actually a small snake! Ooooops.

Haryanto Pherwhirra Ramadhani from Indonesia shared on Facebook page ‘Kami Pecinta Kucing’ photos of his cat.

Photo credit: Haryanto Pherwhirra Ramadhani / Kami Pecinta Kucing – Facebook

Earlier today, the cat was playing with my earphones on my bed when it accidentally bit it into two pieces. I scolded the cat and it left the house after that. When it came home one hour later, the cat brought a gift for me,” Ramadhani explained.

A number of netizens were quite impressed that the cat was actually able to find a ‘replacement’ for the earphones as it probably thought that the thin snake might be able to work in the same manner as the broken earphones!

Many even pointed out that the little kitty looks rather apologetic in the photo and seems to know the depth of its mischief. Others said that their pets had also done a similar thing or did something crazy inside the house; but did nothing to ‘apologize’. Yet many think they are still lucky – after all, who wants to receive a snake as piece offering? LOL.

Photo credit: Haryanto Pherwhirra Ramadhani / Kami Pecinta Kucing – Facebook

Even Ramadhani admitted he was a bit scared by the ‘peace offering’. Although the apology was graciously accepted, Ramadhani said he would no longer scold the cat in the future because it might bring a bigger snake! A number of netizens definitely agreed with him…