Adorable Boy Goes Viral for Being ‘Conductor’ for Jeepney Driver Dad

Do you bring your kids to work? Well, some people are lucky enough to get to bring their kids to work; although this is sometimes a dangerous thing, depending on the type of job the parent is doing and the environment the kids are exposed to.

One adorable boy has recently gone viral after a netizen took some of his photos to share on social media how he is helping out his father even at such a tender age.

According to netizen Yoj Layog, she was riding a jeep when she noticed a cute little boy helping out the driver by collecting the passengers’ fares and giving them back their change. She admired the little boy’s actions and also found him so cute that she snapped some photos to share with her friends.

Photo credit: Yoj Layog / Facebook

The post quickly went viral. In less than a week, it was shared by 3.1k users and received 6.6k reactions from netizens, most of which were likes and hearts for love.

Many netizens agreed with Layog that the boy was, indeed, quite handsome and would make a great conductor for his father; although many also hoped he would have a better future than just being a jeepney driver (even if there’s nothing wrong with being a jeepney driver, of course).

Photo credit: Yoj Layog / Facebook

But while many loved the photos, a lot of netizens were concerned about the boy’s safety especially considering the dangers of jeepneys in the busy streets of Manila and the many accidents that happen each day.

Thus, while this young lad had a lot of admirers on the internet, more netizens hoped this won’t be a regular thing for the boy – most especially for his own safety.