Adorable 2-Year-Old’s Online Baking Show Goes Viral

An adorable 2-year-old girl has gone viral for the cute videos that her parents post for her own online baking show. Netizens think that the girl is so cute in her videos as she posts about various recipes that she wanted to prepare on the show.

Adorable Girl Goes Viral for Online Baking Show

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, a lot of parents struggled with how they can keep their kids busy without depending too much on screen time for them to be occupied.

Photo credit: Callie Bauleke / Facebook

Callie Bauleke is a parent to two kids. Just like other parents, she also struggled with what she should do to make them both happy. She had one of those eureka moments when little Evie, just 2 years old, pretended to have her own cooking show as she helped out in baking some goodies.

So, Callie let the kid have her way by actually making her own online cooking show, posting them on a special channel she calls as “Evie’s Quarantine Cooking”. Little Evie loved it!

Welcome to my show!” she would often proudly say at the start of her videos.

Of course, it is obvious that little Evie receives a lot of help from her mother, particularly with preparing the ingredients for the recipe she’s about to prepare. But it is adorable how she tries hard to pronounce even the most difficult ingredients as best as she could, resulting in cute videos that her followers soon loved to watch.

Throughout the months since the quarantine period began, the adorable girl created videos that made a lot of netizens smile. She’s a natural! It won’t be a surprise if she goes on to really become famous someday and have her own channel like Oprah.

How to Keep Kids Busy

These days, it is easy to keep kids busy by just providing them with gadgets or letting them watch TV. But if you’re determined to limit screen time, there are lots of other things to keep your kids busy.

Find age-appropriate activities. For example, you can provide coloring materials for toddlers or let them use their own imagination to play from an idea box. Let the kids do a treasure hunt or encourage them to enjoy outdoor play.