A Family Was Able To Save For A Boracay Getaway With The P100,150.00 They Saved For 18 Months

Nowadays, it is so easy to say that we will start saving but when it comes to the actual “saving” it is also easy to pick our coin banks so we can buy what we want.

One family got to book a summer getaway to Boracay for the whole family when they found a way to save without being tempted to open their coin banks to get their savings.

Peso Sense Facebook page, a page that aims to help Filipinos gain financial freedom, posted a story about a family being able to save up for a Boracay getaway.


The three kids in the story were able to save for a Boracay summer getaway for the whole family by saving their school money (baon) and money that is given to them by their dad and uncles.

Before, they admitted that they were always tempted to pick out the money that they are able to save and the money that is given to them by their dad, uncles or grandparents.

The solution

Because of this, they thought of a way where they can save without being tempted to pick out the money that’s already inside the coin bank.

Save 3


The started using an empty gallon of water so that when it’s sealed, it will be hard to pick out money from.

For one and a half year they saved and dropped all their savings there. They were able to save P100,0150.00.

Summer getaway

With what they saved, they were able to book a package for the whole family to have a summer getaway in Boracay, while still having enough money for their pocket money.

Save 1


They thought of having a Boracay getaway because they used to enjoy summer in their grandmother’s house with an inflatable pool. Enjoy the vacation that you deserve!


The lesson in this story is that it was mentioned that during that 1 ½ year, without them noticing, even the big bills that they get their hands on are being placed inside the container.

Save 2


Needless to say, their goals and their lifestyle changed. Instead of buying food and toys, they were thinking of saving their money instead.