96-Year-Old Grandpa’s Book Becomes #1 Bestseller after Granddaughter’s Tweet

A 96-year-old grandpa’s book becomes #1 bestseller after granddaughter posted a tweet. Netizens loved how this girl loved her grandpa so much – and everyone loved his book!

Granddaughter’s Tweet Makes Grandpa’s Book #1 Bestseller

It is amazing what technology can do to help someone achieve their dreams. That’s exactly what happened to Gordon McCulloch, a 96-year-old grandpa who published a collection of poems in a book entitled, “101 Poems”.

The book was is being sold on Amazon.

But just like many other products, Grandpa Gordon’s book was lost in the sea of other books and various stuff being sold on Amazon. There are just too many other books out there for sale and he isn’t a well-known author who could invite sales even if he didn’t do anything about it.

As you might have already guessed, the book is a collection of Grandpa Gordon’s poems.

Photo credit: Jessica Keachie / Twitter

To help her grandpa promote his book, Jess Keachie asked friends on Twitter to buy the book and drop a review if they liked it. The family expected to sell just around 100 copies but orders soon flooded Amazon and Grandpa Gordon’s book became the #1 bestseller on the site! Isn’t that awesome?

The reviews also poured in, making the old man feel so happy that people appreciated his works and loved his book!

Many loved the positivity that this old man put in his book and the tidbits of wisdom they were able to glean from him.

I am thankful that I’ve been able to put a smile on his face because that’s all I wanted. I hope the love from this gives people comfort and hope that unbelievable things do happen, no dream is too big or too late,” Jess later updated on her Twitter account.

How Much Does it Cost to Sell on Amazon?

Amazon sellers on the Individual Selling Plan pay a flat rate of $0.99 per item sold while those on the Professional Selling Plan pay a monthly fee of $39.99, not a per item rate.

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