86-Year-Old Grandma Meets 86th Biological Great-Grandchild!

Just a few days before she turns 86 years old, Marie Frey got to meet her 86th biological great-grandchild! She has 9 step great-grandchildren in addition to the 86 biological ones – this family surely has lots of fun during reunions!

Marie enjoys having lots of kids around – after all, she had a total of 15 children with her late husband, Gerald Frey. Their eldest child is 66 years old.

To date, Marie has 68 grandchildren from her 15 children, including 6 step grandchildren. Indeed, they are so many that the clan can be a handful but Marie and her brood love the large crowd. After all, she and her husband had come from large families – and they enjoy having plenty of kids and grandkids around.

Family and faith are her two biggest favorites. She’s a very strong woman,” revealed one of Marie’s grandsons, Kenny Frey of Forest, Ohio. “She came from large family and Grandpa did too. My wife and I also wanted a big family.

Holly Frey (left) with grandma Marie Frey and daughter Blakely Photo credit: Yahoo! News

Holly Frey (left) with grandma Marie Frey and daughter Blakely
Photo credit: Yahoo! News

Indeed, Marie’s 86th great-grandchild is already the fifth baby for Kenny and his wife, Holly. Blakely Grace Frey was born the morning of June 23 – and Marie got to meet the newest addition to the family mere days before her own birthday.

So, with Marie meeting baby #86 before her 86th birthday, does that mean she gets to meet baby #87 on her 87th birthday? Well, not really because babies #87 and #88 are already on the way and will be born this year; one for Kenny’s sister and another baby for one of their cousins.

At the rate they are going, it is not impossible for Marie to meet her 100th great-grandchild before she turns 90! We can hardly wait for that! This family is truly incredible…

What is a great-grandchild?

The great-grandchild is already the child (son or daughter) of one’s grandchild. The plural term is great-grandchildren.