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8 Things Disguised as Love But are Actually Signs He’s Trying to Manipulate You

You’re in love with the sweetest, seemingly most caring guy in the world but you sometimes feel choked over the attention he’s showering you. Could it be that he’s really trying to manipulate you?

Check out these subtle signs that might be disguised as love but are actually signs that he’s trying to manipulate you…

He Can’t Live Without You

You’ve realized that he’s not really the one for you but each time you try to break up with him, he cries and beg you not to go because he can’t live without you. While this might cute at first – and you’d surely fall for this excuse a couple of times – this actually means he’s trying to make you stay on his own terms.

He Tells You You’re Much Better than His Exes

Yep, it might sound like a compliment but come on! Why is he always saying that to you? Does he have a rating system for all his women, with the best one winning his hand in marriage?

He Calls You Names but Claims to Be Joking

When he feels angry or even when his mood is light, he calls you name and insults you but claims he’s just joking. If he keeps doing that, then it’s time to leave, girl!

He Suggests Things “For Your Own Good”

He tries suggesting things that are “for your own good”, such as how to properly lose weight (even if you aren’t really fat) or what you should do with your money. While he thinks he’s doing you a favor, he’s actually trying to control you.

He’s Constantly “Worried” About You

Even when you are at work or at your parents’ home, he’s constantly checking on you because he’s “worried”. While that might be a sign of genuine concern, it can actually be too much if he checks on your every move.

He’s Jealous Because He “Loves You So Much”

You can’t talk to any guy if he’s not standing next to you because he always feels jealous and think you’d replace him with someone else. Then, he gives you the excuse that he wants you to stay away from guys, even co-workers and your good friends, because he “loves you so much”. If he’s too jealous, it might be better to leave before things get out of hand when you’re married.

He Wants You to Constantly “Check In”

He’s gotten tired of always asking where you are so he changes his tactics and now wants you to inform him where you’re going, when you get there, who’s with you, what you’re currently doing, who you’re talking to, what time you’re leaving, etc. Doesn’t he trust you at all?

He Spoils You with Gifts He Likes for You

He doesn’t want how your furniture looks so he goes out the next day to buy you the set he wants. Then, he changes your wardrobe to clothes he wants you to wear, forbidding you from using ones he didn’t buy. That sounds rather generous and sweet, right? But that’s also a huge sign he’s trying to manipulate you and change you into something he wants you to be.

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