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8 Stupid Excuses from Guys Who Don’t Want Commitment

You’ve met the man of your dreams and want to spend the rest of your life with him! Congratulations! But does he feel the same way? Ooooops.

Too many times, ladies fall in love with a guy and hope he would propose but that does not always happen. Some loves stories are doomed to have an unhappy ending or at least a much delayed happy ending than you might expect.

But some guys just give out stupid mistakes why they don’t want commitment. Don’t fall for these excuses. If he tells you these, it’s best to lower your expectations and not think he’d propose anytime soon.

He Wants to Focus on His Career

Well, you’ve got a career, too! If he thinks you are in the way, then he does not value you as much as you think.

He Thinks the Relationship is Moving Too Fast

Well, you can’t expect a guy to propose to you after meeting him just a few weeks ago! But if you’ve been together for a couple of years but he still does not want to date you exclusively, then run for the hills, girl! He’s not the right one for you!

He Misses His Ex

Oooops! That’s a red flag, girl! If he still wants to spend time with his ex (even if she hates him), then he’s not ready to have a relationship with you. He might really be missing his ex – or he’s just lying and just doesn’t want to commit with you. Either way, let him go.

He Needs to Experiment

A number of guys live the YOLO lifetime and want to try as many girls as they could. You Only Live Once, right? Well, if he can’t commit to you, what’s the point in staying with him?

He Needs to be ‘Free’

Some guys just don’t like to have a steady girlfriend because they claim that having one restricts their lifestyle. If he tells you he needs to be ‘free’, then by all means let him go! If he really wants you, he would want to keep you even if that meant losing his ‘freedom’!

He’s Traveling a Lot and Won’t Have Time for You

Hello? Hasn’t he heard of LDRs and the internet? There are so many ways for you to stay together even if you are miles apart but if plans to play around with other girls while he’s out on those trips, then he’s not worth those tears, girl.

He’s Doing Some Soul-Searching

Awwww. If he says he’s trying to figure out who he is and can’t spend time with you while he does that, what he really means is that he doesn’t really want to spend time with you. Period.

You’re Just Friends and He Never Really Said He Loved You

Sometimes, friends ‘upgrade’ their relationship to being more than friends or just friends with ‘benefits’; however, it is possible that he’s just after the ‘benefits’ but not really prepared to consider you as his girlfriend.

This one is harder to figure out but you have to talk this one out with him and determine where you really stand. If he insists that you are just friends, then he probably means that. Stop forcing him to commit.

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