8 Simple Household Solutions for Stubborn Stains

Stains are inevitable, no matter how careful one is, accidents happen which can cause stains on our favorite clothes and other fabrics. Moreover, some stains are just stubborn that people just choose to throw away even their most favorite clothes.

Fortunately, the solution to stubborn stains can be found in our own homes.

Here are 8 simple household solutions for the most stubborn stains:

1. Use lemon for sweat stains.

Sweat stains on shirts are really embarassing. They are also stubborn that using the common washing machine cannot remove them. Some people, however, use strong bleaching agents that only ruin their clothing.

The solution? Lemon. Just squeeze lemon to sweat stains and leave them on for an hour before tossing the clothing in the washing machine. Not only will it naturally bleach your shirt and remove the stain, it will also leave it fresh and seem like new.

sweat stains

Squeeze lemon to sweat stains and leave them on for an hour before tossing the clothing in the washing machine.
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2. Use baby wipes for lipstick stains.

Lipstick marks can really be difficult to remove because of the oil and the lipstick’s pigment. Some people even use dry cleaning services to have them removed. However, there is no need to spend money in removing lipstick stains. Just wipe the stain with a baby wipe, and it will lift the lipstick mark off!

3. Rub a denim (or satin) to a deodorant stain.

Just like sweat stains, deodorant stain on our shirts and tops can be embarassing too. They leave a white mark on colored clothes, and yellow ones on whites. However, there is no need to throw away your favorite top when the deodorant stains have become obvious, just rub a denim fabric on it and it will disappear! You can do this trick as well for delicates, just use a satin fabric instead.

4. Use white chalk on oil stains.

Oil stains are not common, however, they can become permanent and can obviously ruin your favorite item of clothing. But, there is no need to worry about getting an oil stain on your clothes, just crush white chalk and apply it on the stained area and it will absorb the oil. Just make sure the stain on the fabric has not been through the wash.

5. For make-up stains, use shaving cream.

Shaving cream actually is meant for making unwanted hair banish, however, it can also be used for removing make-up stains. Just apply a little of it on the stained area and watch the stain banish before your eyes!

6. Spilled coffee? Use baking soda.

Coffee stains are very common not only on clothes (when you’ve spilt coffee), but they are even more common on tablecloths (coffee cup rings). To remove coffee stain on fabric, just dampen the stained area and rub a pinch of baking soda.

7. Soak greased clothes on soda water.

Soda water isn’t just a refreshing drink. It can also be used to remove grease stains. Just soak greased clothes on soda water and the carbonation scrubs the ring of grease away.

8. Use white vinegar for grass.

Grass stains are common in children’s clothing and they can actually be the most difficult to remove. However, one doesn’t need to forbid his child from playing on the grass. Grass stains just need to be pre-treated on white vinegar so that the clothes would look as good as new!

Which stain do you find most difficult to remove? Try one of our solutions and leave a comment below.

Source: Little Things

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