8 Risks of Excessive Smartphone Use

With the development of modern technology, most people find it convenient to use smartphones for almost everything: calls, texts, social media, research, organizing and even more. The smartphone has become a necessity for almost all of us that a person cannot go on with his daily tasks without one.

There are lots of advantages in using these gadgets but along with it are some hazards too. Here are 8 risks of excessive smartphone use that you may not be aware of:

1. We are at risk to injuries and accidents.

Number one on the list of using smartphones excessively is being at risk to accidents that are caused by texting or talking over the mobile phones while driving. It has been recorded that there are over 1.6 million driving accidents due to smartphones. 300,000 of these are injuries, and 11 shocking teen deaths each day.

smartphone user

Using your smartphone excessively can pose a lot of risks.

2. We are at risk to posture-related disorders.

Posture-related disorders caused by misuse of the smartphone, like damage on the neck and spine, have also been noted. Carpal tunnel syndrome is also one of these posture-related disorders.

Also, keeping a certain position for a long period of time can damage the tendons and muscle to the nerves and can suffer from chronic diseases according to Dr. Joseph Mercola, M.D., an osteopathic physician.

3. We are at risk for screen fatigue.

Looking at a small phone screen for long periods of time can cause screen fatigue. You may have throbbing pain on your forehead, eyes, and temples that can remain for hours.

3. We have reduced attention span.

Carnegie Mellon University researchers found out that smartphone users and listeners show a 37 percent loss of attention span and ability to concentrate. This has resulted in decreased efficiency in completing detailed tasks, or even engaging in a conversation.

5. We have difficulties sleeping.

Has it become difficult to sleep at night? Blame your smartphone. Bringing and using your smartphone in bed can cause sleeping problems. The brightly lit screen of a smartphone can block out the production of melatonin and can cause sleeping problems such as insomnia.

6. We become disconnected to the people around us.

Smartphones can significantly modify our social behavior. Kids and teenagers become preoccupied with their electronics, and become disconnected with the real world. Parents can also be so affected by excessive use smartphones and may negatively influence their children.

7. There’s a higher risk of identity theft.

Many people have experienced dangers like spyware, theft, and their personal information being used because of their smartphones. Skilled hackers can easily steal information, and it has become easier because we put all important information in our smartphones.

8. There’s a greater risk for damage to the spine and neck.

Looking into your phone for a long time can cause contractions and muscle spasms on the neck and shoulders because the body is forced to move the neck several inches forward and the shoulders lifts upward. All these can result in terrible back pains and strain. Try not to hunch over when you use your smartphone to avoid these injuries.

Keep watch on these horrible dangers and limit your use of smartphones. Remember, our smartphones can help us with our daily tasks, but excessive use of them also poses a lot of risks.

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