8 Foods You Should Not Put in the Fridge

Believe it or not, there are certain foods that are best kept at room temperature. By keeping them out of the fridge, these food items remain at their prime and may even last longer.

Do you put tomatoes, potatoes, onions and hot sauce inside your fridge? Aside from the fact that they can lose their flavor, putting them inside the refrigerator may even make  them go moldy fast.

Here are 8 food items you should not refrigerate or put in the freezer, according to ideadigezt.

1. Potatoes


Most potato varieties last up to three weeks at room temperature. Since refrigeration negatively affects their flavor, it is best to store them in the pantry inside paper bags.

2. Hot Sauce

There’s no need for you to put hot sauce in the fridge since it can last up to three years inside the pantry.

3. Onions


Onions can stay in the pantry as long as you put them away from potatoes that emit gases and moisture causing them to rot. You may place them inside their original mesh bag or any bag allowing air circulation.

4. Bread

Putting bread inside the refrigerator dries it out fast. It is best to keep it at room temperature and consume it within four days. Freeze the remaining bread after this period.

5. Garlic


As long as you store them loose allowing air to move around it, garlic will do well in the pantry for two months.

6. Coffee

Coffee beans and ground coffee, when placed inside the refrigerator and the freezer, may change or lose its flavor due to condensation. Simply put it inside an airtight container inside the pantry.

7. Tomatoes


It is best to leave them on a counter and out of plastic bags to keep them from getting mealy. Ripe tomatoes last about three days.

8. Winter squashes

Acorn, delicata, and butternut varities of winter squash can last for approximately a month or more inside the pantry.