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78-Year-Old Man Sells Porridge to Support Self, But Often Sells Only One Serve

A 78-year-old who lives by himself in Bangkok, Thailand, tries his best to make a living by selling porridge; however, he often sells only one serve.

Photo credit: Max Udomsak / Facebook

The sad plight of the old went viral after netizen Max Udomsak discovered his little stall. At his age, the old man has already lost his wife and two kids, but the rest of his family did not come to help him. Thus, he lives on his own in rundown shack that has seen better days.

Photo credit: Max Udomsak / Facebook

To earn a living, the widower sells porridge at 20 baht ($0.65) per bowl or 25 baht ($0.85) for a bowl with egg. But he does not sell much; there are even times when he would only sell one serve a day.

Photo credit: Max Udomsak / Facebook

Earning so little money, the old man could not afford much comfort in life and lives in his makeshift house made of a bamboo bed surrounded by walls and roof made from tarpaulin he scavenged from the streets.

Photo credit: Max Udomsak / Facebook

Perhaps a lot of people didn’t want to buy from his porridge as his stall isn’t exactly a beautiful spot to hang out. There were lots of plastics bottles filled with strange-looking liquids and the dining spaces don’t look so enticing.

Photo credit: Max Udomsak / Facebook

Even his porridge looks rather bland as he could not afford to add a lot of ingredients.

Udomsak took pity on the old man and shared his photos on social media. Thankfully, this led a lot of people to seek out the old man to give him much-needed help. Donations poured in for the old widower, with many netizens saying they cried upon seeing his rundown house as they knew he would not be comfortable there.

Photo credit: Max Udomsak / Facebook

At his age, the old man needs to live in a much better place where he could also eat and sleep properly…

What is a Porridge?

A porridge is a type of food made of rice or other grain boiled in plenty of water. It can be eaten with salt or sugar to taste, depending on the diner’s preference. Many also prefer to eat porridge with milk.

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