700-lb Man’s Transformation in 700-Day Challenge is Incredible!

One man got so big that he was told by doctors he would die by age 35. Afraid this rather foreboding prediction will come true morbidly obese Ronnie Brower decided it was time to change his life.

He also had a great motivation: lose weight and possibly get a chance to meet Taylor Swift face to face. Friend Joe Bufano put together a video of Ronnie’s incredible journey in hopes that it would go viral enough for Taylor to notice one of her biggest fans but the meeting was not meant to be.

Still, despite not being able to meet Taylor face to face, Ronnie and Joe were able to enjoy her concert. The real bonus in this story is that Ronnie was able to lose a lot of weight – it did not matter a whole lot if he was no able to meet Taylor. There is always another time, another concert.

What is amazing about Ronnie’s transformation is the fact that at his 700-lb starting weight, he was too heavy to even carry himself to the gym. Standing up and walking even short distances are very difficult tasks; thus, he started off with a hand bike.

Gradually, he lost weight and was soon able to stand for longer periods of time. Footage of Ronnie working out during those first few months is quite pitiable yet his amazing transformation is an inspiration to all: it really is possible to lose weight no matter how big you are. All you need is motivation…and lots of hard work, of course.

Check out the video here:

Finding Motivation to Lose Weight

There are people who are always trying to lose weight yet do not have enough motivation to go on. So, they end up quickly gaining back whatever weight they lost in those few weeks (or days!).

Just like Ronnie, it is always best to have some form of motivation to lose weight. His started as fear of dying but soon turned into something positive, that of meeting Taylor Swift in person.

Well, most of us could not dream of such big motivations but we could start off with something really important or dear to us, such as being able to look good while attending a wedding or class reunion. It might also be a good idea to bank on fear: fear of dying early just like Ronnie was warned.

With the right motivation, you’ll soon find yourself on the right track in your quest for achieving the ideal body weight.

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