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7-Year-Old Iranian Takes Internet Crown as Most Beautiful Girl in the World

With the previous ‘Most Beautiful Girl in the World’ Thylane Blondeau now a young lady and, not surprisingly, dubbed as the ‘Most Beautiful Woman in the World’, the internet is looking for a suitable replacement. In comes 7-year-old Mahdis Mohammadi of Iran whose doll-like beauty made a lot of netizens think she could easily take the title as the world’s most beautiful girl today.

Just 7 years old, a year older than when Thylane got her internet ‘title’, Mahdis takes in the internet crown with her gorgeous looks. The young lady has nearly 200k followers on Instagram; many of whom began following the account back when she was still a baby some years ago.

Photo credit: Instagram / @mahdis_mohammadi91

Mahdis has become an internet star, with many of her followers enjoying posts about her exciting trips to the museum and other things that kids do. Her parents also dress her up mostly in kids’ clothing and rarely allow her to use makeup; unlike many young YouTubers and social media stars these days who dress up like adults.

A lot of netizens think her gorgeous face is complemented by her huge eyes, long lashes, and wavy hair. She truly looks like a life-sized doll without even trying hard to look like one!

Photo credit: Instagram / @mahdis_mohammadi91

Many netizens admired her parents for being supportive, particularly her dad who sometimes even helps fix her hair or even poses along with her. The young lady has been featured in a number of local magazines and shows.

Recently, Mahdis even figured in the music video of local Iranian singer-songwriter, Hamed Ghorbani.

Photo credit: Instagram / @mahdis_mohammadi91

This young lady is set to become a star, judging by how easy she increases her fan base and how many people follow her adventures or simply love her pictures.

While there are people who believe her photos should not be shared on social media or that she shouldn’t be allowed to be a social media star at this age, there are also lots more who adore her and wish her success in life…

Photo credit: Instagram / @mahdis_mohammadi91

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