7 Ways to Stay Happy as an Overseas Filipino Worker

Over the years, millions of Filipinos have chosen to leave the country to find better opportunities. And while they earn way more than how much they used to in the Philippines and are able to provide for their families, it is still a fact that they are apart from most of their family members and friends.

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The necessity to adjust immediately to a different language and culture, and the reality of an overseas working environment can be devastating. Some of the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) who once dreamt of working abroad, have seriously considered giving up their job after some time. While being away from your home can be really challenging, there are actually a lot of ways to be and stay happy as a migrant worker.

A group of happy OFWs from U.A.E. spending time together in Dubai. Photo Credit: Facebook / Sheila Zarraga

A group of happy OFWs from U.A.E. spending time together in Dubai.
Photo Credit: Facebook / Sheila Zarraga

Here are some ways how to stay happy as an Overseas Filipino Worker:

1. Love your job.

Loving one’s job is a big factor to stay in it. One can simply find joy in their work if they recognize their significance in their job or company. Understanding that you can help make the lives of other people better and easier will help you love your job more.

2. Appreciate the opportunity to work abroad.

Migrant workers should consider that many other Filipino workers in the Philippines yearn to be in their position, but not all are given the chance to work abroad, or are qualified. Appreciating that you have been given the opportunity will help you become happier.

3. Mind the consequences of leaving your job.

One should consider that their decision of quitting will not only affect themselves but also their families. They should do their best to keep their jobs and think of the possible consequences once they leave their job.

4. Consider your job as a once in a lifetime opportunity.

The contract of most migrant workers is valid for only two to five years. They should use to the best of their advantage the job they have abroad by spending time to appreciate the surrounding and culture of the country they are working in.

5. Take action.

OFWs should analyze why they are unhappy. It could either be because they are experiencing too much pressure at work, are exhausted or homesick. They should then find solutions to combat sadness like calling love ones when they are homesick. If the reason of their unhappiness is simple exhaustion they can request for a leave from work. They may also seek help from colleagues if they find their job difficult.

6. Make friends with your colleagues and treat them as family.

Being in a foreign land provides opportunities to meet new acquaintances. Getting along with co-workers will help the migrant worker achieve happiness in his workplace. Treating a trusted colleague like family (especially your fellow OFWs) can also help in times when you need one.

7. Make use of modern technology.

One of the advantages of this generation’s migrant workers is the internet technology and the presence of social media networking sites. Communicating with your friends and family in the Philippines has now become easier and has been possible in the cheapest and fastest ways through Facebook, Skype and other social media websites and applications.

It is never easy to work overseas. There will always be times when giving up may seem to be the easiest solution. But there are ways to stay happy as a migrant worker. Stay positive and always be reminded that you once made an important decision to have a better life for you and your family.