7 Tips that You Should Follow to Make Your Hotel Stay Safer

Holidays are supposed to bring enjoying and relaxing times, however, there are times when holidays can bring stress, specially when you don’t feel safe.

Fact is, the biggest crimes in history happen in hotels where one should feel safe.

So, what’s a person on holiday supposed to do to feel safe and enjoy his vacation?

Here are 7 Hotel Safety Tips to consider when going on a holiday:

1. Avoid checking in a room on the ground floor.

A room on the bottom floor is easy access for most people. The Independent Traveler says safety experts recommend staying in a room anywhere between the third and sixth floors. They are more difficult to break into,and they are not too high that they’re out of reach of most fire engines.

hotel room safety

The Independent Traveler says safety experts recommend staying in a room anywhere between the third and sixth floors.

2. Leave the sound on.

Leave the TV or radio on before you leave the room. This will keep away unwanted guests as they will have an impression that someone is in the room.

3. Lock the door!

This may seem like a common security tip, however, some people think staying in a hotel is already safe that they miss locking their doors. Make sure you lock all security chian, deadbolts and other locks no matter if you are inside the hotel room or if you intend to leave it.

4. Utilize the hotel safe.

Most hotel rooms have a digital safe where you can keep your belongings securely. Instead of bringing along all your valuables with you (or worse— leave them in the room closet or cabinet), use your hotel room safe.

5. Hang your “Do not disturb” sign at all times.

The “Do not disturb” sign isn’t only for warning people to keep off your private space. It can also keep dangerous individuals from invading your space.

6. Always keep an eye on your credit card.

When checking in or making any transactions with your credit card, always make sure to put it inside the bill folder so no one else can take note of your credit card number. When you get back your credit card, double check if it’s the real one or if it has been replaced with a fake one.

7. Keep a flashlight (or make sure your phone has a flashlight app) handy.

Anything can happen when you are in a hotel. Fire, earthquake and other natural disasters can happen which can cause power outage and you may need to navigate your way out of the hotel. Always keep a flashlight handy or download a flashlight app in case of any emergency.

Source : MSN, Independent Traveler