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7 Reasons Why it’s OK to Use Another Guy to Get Over Your Ex

Let’s face it, not all relationships last forever. But if you are still trying to get over your ex and having a hard time doing it, is it really alright to use another guy to get over him?

Surprisingly, a lot of ladies don’t feel guilty about this – and here are reasons why you should do it, too.

You Deserve Happiness

Don’t keep wallowing in your grief and crying your heart out; you also deserve to be happy. And sometimes, you can find that happiness in someone new. Yes, this might be a ‘rebound’ kind of love but make sure to lay the cards out on the table so he knows where he stands.

You Need the Distraction

If you keep to yourself and keep thinking about your ex and what you could have done to change things, you’ll never be over him. You need to keep yourself distracted – take on a new hobby, volunteer somewhere, or get to know that guy who’s been trying to catch your attention for months!

Life is Too Short to Wait

When is the right time to move on? Well, there’s no specific timetable, girl! Life is too short to wait until you’re fully over your ex. Get back to having fun!

Both Guys Won’t Really Mind

Your ex might really be genuinely happy that you have found someone new so he could also get on with his life – while the new guy might be really happy you’ve finally paid him some attention.

It’s the Only Way to Get Over Your Ex

It’s hard to admit but getting over your ex is really a difficult thing to do, especially if you’ve been together for a long time. Sometimes, the only way to really get over him is to find a replacement so your heart can feel happy again.

It Will Remind You That You’re Still Worthy of Attention

Finding a new guy is actually a confidence boost and will remind you that you are still a wonderful woman who is worthy of attention.

He’ll Realize What He Lost

Once he sees you with another guy, he might realize what he lost. He might try to get back with you, perhaps, but it’s now up to you to choose him or the new guy. Go, girl!

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