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7 Reasons He’s Losing Interest in You

We all want our relationships to last forever as we live our ‘happily ever after’ but things don’t always work out the way we want them to. In fact, we end up in many broken relationships before we finally find that one true love.

There are times when you realize that your man seems to be losing interest in you – and you don’t even know what happened because he won’t tell you the reason why!

It’s hard not to notice him pulling away from you, emotionally and physically. But just in case you are wondering, here are the most common signs why he’s losing interest in you.

He’s Found Someone New

Obviously, when he’s met someone new and he’s taken interest in her, then you might no longer be interesting to him. You do have the option to try and get his interest back, but if he chooses the other girl, sometimes it’s just best to let him go. Perhaps he is not ‘The One’ yet!

You’re No Longer a Challenge to Him

Sigh. In this world, there really are guys who love the thrill of the chase but when they get what they want, they lose interest. If he is this kind of guy, then you’re better off without him, girl! It’s hard to live the rest of your life just trying to keep things challenging for your man.

You’re Too Different from Each Other

They say that opposites attract – and that’s led to a lot of good relationships but sometimes when your differences are just too big, he might give up trying to make it work for you both.

You Turned Out Different than Expected

Before you became a couple, both of you probably had high expectations but he could be losing interest now because you turned out to be much different than he expected and he realized you’re just not the one he’s looking to spend the rest of his life with.

He’s Not the Serious Type

There are guys who are afraid of commitment – and they run as fast as they could at the first sign from you that you want more from them than what they can give you at the moment. While you’re busy dreaming about getting married to him, just the thought of commitment gives him goosebumps!

He’s Too Busy at Work

While you might be the perfect woman, he’s just too busy at work to figure that out or even spend time with you. At the moment, he’s probably not ready for commitment and could not free up his schedule to even try and figure that out.

It’s Just Not Meant to Be

You’ve done everything to love him and make him love you back – and it succeeded at first but now he’s pulling away. Sadly, there really are times when the relationship is just not meant to be. You both were right for each other but the sparks eventually go away and you realize that though you still love each other, you really are not meant to be together forever.

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