7 Food Items You Should Never Reheat

When we have leftover food in the fridge, we usually reheat them without thinking of the negative effects that it can cause. Reheating has become so common in so many households since it can save you time, money, and effort in preparing a new meal.

Unknown to many, there are several food items that can potentially be toxic once you reheat them. Familiarize yourselves with these 7 foods that you should never reheat according to Scupe.net.

1. Mushroom 


If you’re going to add mushrooms to your pasta or soup, then you should consume it immediately after preparation. The protein content of the mushroom changes while you’re reheating it. As a result, it loses its health benefits and can cause a multitude of digestive problems. If you have leftover food containing mushrooms, just eat the mushroom cold.

2. Chicken 

fried chicken

Chicken, just like mushrooms, contains protein which is negatively affected when reheated. Experts recommend that you heat it at a lower temperature for a longer time.

3. Eggs


When exposed to higher temperature, eggs, particularly fried or boiled, can become toxic.

4. Celery


Since we often use celery when preparing soups, we should keep in mind that it contains nitrates that becomes harmful when turned into nitrites since it is carcinogenic to humans. Thus, it should be removed immediately after cooking. The same thing applies for carrots.

5. Potato

french fries

Not only does potato loses its nutritional value when reheated, it can also be toxic. Consume it immediately after preparation. If you’re planning to eat it the next day, you might as well eat them cold. On the other hand, if you intend to eat stew for several days, take the potatoes and just add them subsequently.

6. Spinach


Spinach must be consumed immediately after preparation since it is a food with a high percentage of nitrates.

7. Beet


Just like celery and spinach, beet also contains nitrates. Thus, it should never be reheated.