6 Ways to Start Your Day Strong Without Drinking Coffee

Are you looking for other ways to jumpstart your day than drinking a cup of coffee?

While sipping coffee in the morning may seem like the ultimate wake-up call, its caffeine content is linked to a number of negative side effects and withdrawal from it can lead to some nasty symptoms.


Here are some alternatives to coffee to help you start your day.

1. Start your day with the help of light clocks.

So you’ve been used to hearing your alarm clock every morning that it’s actually not that helpful anymore in waking you up from your sweet slumber. Rather than rely on the sound of the typical alarm clock, opt for a clock that wakes you up using light. This type of clock will help you get out of bed easier as it wakes you up the way the nature intended-by mimicking the gradual brightening of sunrise.

2. Trick your taste buds with chicory root.

You can ditch your morning dose of caffeine and try chicory root, the closest herbal alternative to coffee. It’s a great option since it’s also packed full of antioxidants.

3. Chew apple.

According to several studies, chewing gives you a quick energy boost you need to be up and about. But rather than chewing gum, try chomping on something healthy, like apple. Experts have suggested apple as a great replacement to coffee as it provides a number of health benefits like reduction of cholesterol level and lowering of risks of developing cancer.

4. Do 5-minute yoga.

Doing five minutes of yoga in the morning will help you feel refreshed and alert as stretching actually drives oxygen rich cells to the brain and muscles. As a result, it will boost your energy levels.

5. Gulp down a glass of water.

Oftentimes, fatigue is brought about by dehydration. To combat this feeling in the morning, drink a glass of water. You can also add ice and some slices of lemon for that extra boost to start your day.

6. Wean yourself off from caffeine with matcha tea.

If you think totally giving up caffeine is difficult, you can try weaning yourself off with matcha tea, a powdered green tea that has less than half the caffeine of a cup of coffee. It promotes alertness, enhances cognitive functions and relieves stress since it contains amino-acid L-Theanine.