6 Ways to Help You Get Motivated When You’re Feeling Lazy

Have you ever felt overwhelmed about the things you need to get done and you don’t have the motivation to start doing anything? I’m sure everyone at one point in time has had that feeling. Even the most determined, motivated people sometimes have difficulties getting things done. So, what should you do when Bruno Mars’ “Lazy Song” keeps playing on your head?

Here are six ways to help you get motivated to do something when you’re feeling lazy:

1. Find out the reason why you’re feeling lazy.

One possible reason that you are in a slump is you’re anxious about something you need to do. You’re putting off getting things done because you dislike the task you need to do. You may also just be feeling tired because you lack sleep, good nutrition, exercise, or have been physically ill. Another possible reason is you are not confident enough to do the task because it’s relatively new to you: You are afraid of getting out of your comfort zone and do something.

You may also feel the slump if you’re in the middle of a project, and the excitement at the beginning has died down. However, you’re so overwhelmed because it is still far from the end of the your project, and you don’t feel like you want to continue anymore.

When you have identified the reason why you are feeling lazy, try to take action and see if it is a legitimate reason. If you are just tired, take a bit of a rest, or take a very short break. Always try to keep your goal in mind and consider the consequences if you will not be able to complete the task you NEED to do.

2. Motivate yourself and get support.

An example is, put your workout clothes beside your bed when you want to workout in the morning, so you see them first thing when you wake up. You may also call a friend to suggest meeting them at the gym in the morning. You might just need support or an accountability partner to help you get things done.

accountability partner

You might just need support or an accountability partner to get things done.

3. Attend to your body’s needs.

Some days, you may just need to get out and get some fresh air. Sometimes, we just need some energy because we skipped a meal. We may also find ourselves feeling lazy when it’s already the end of the week and we are just plainly exhausted. Listen to your body and find out what it needs. You might just need to perk yourself up with a coffee or a breath of fresh air.

4. Think positive!

Do you have negative thoughts? Are you going through hard times in your life, or comparing yourself to other people? When you’re stressed with negative thinking, praise yourself, or do something fun to vanish your negative thoughts. A negative attitude will never get things done, but a positive one will help you accomplish things you did not think was possible.

5. Persevere.

Most people are highly motivated and enthusiastic at the beginning of a task. The middle part is the hardest, so persistence is needed. Once the end is in sight, the thrill of seeing the finish line can push you forward.

6. Do something, instead of nothing.

When you’re feeling lazy, don’t give in to that feeling. Take immediate action or just ignore that feeling. Everyone has felt lazy at one point in time, but not everyone has given in to that feeling, and that makes a big difference. Just like any other negative emotion, the feeling of laziness will pass. Don’t procrastinate. Take action. The feeling of being accomplished is much better than feeling pressured to accomplish tasks that you have once put off.

Determination can make a big difference in your success, so start moving forward step by step. Remember, it is not always easy to achieve any goal. You may go through bumps and bends, and not usually the straight line that people imagine. Each step you take in difficult times will help you feel that you are capable and make you feel more confident. This will give you the motivation to continue and get out of the slump.

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