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6 Reasons Why You’re Still Single, Even If You’re A Good Catch

You look pretty, you have a good job, you are a good person, and you’re so much fun to be with – everyone loves you! But you’re wondering why you’re still single, even if you’re a good catch. Hmmmm. Sounds familiar?

Here are some of the reasons why that’s happening…

Guys are Intimidated by Your Confidence

While there are guys who love the challenge, many guys balk at approaching a woman with a lot of confidence in herself and has actually established a name for herself. Sadly, while women of that caliber are successful and tend to be idolized by other ladies, a lot of men fear that they can’t handle that kind of woman.

You’re Too Busy

You’ve got meetings to attend, events to organize, people to train, lives to change, and so on. You just don’t have time for love right now – and guys see that. While you’ve probably achieved a lot of your education and career goals at this moment, a lot of guys are intimidated by your success and think you are too busy for love.

You Love Your Independence Too Much

Let’s accept it, once you have a partner your moves are restricted in some manner. While your partner might accept you for who you are and won’t limit your moves, having one also means you have someone to answer to, someone for whom you have to free up time in your busy schedule to spend time with.

A lot of ladies just value their independence too much to h**g out with some guy and give up their time for love.

You’re Waiting for that Perfect Guy

We all have this ideal person to marry, the perfect guy who would make our dreams come true. But reality is so much different than the dream world. There’s no perfect guy! Stop pushing away those suitors who don’t fit the bill because you just might end up regretting that you waited for the perfect one who never came.

You’ve Got Awesome Friends

There’s nothing wrong about having awesome friends – that’s for sure! But this could be the reason why you’re too busy having fun with friends to have time for love. Once you have a boyfriend, you would surely have to cut back on time spent with friends and that’s too heartbreaking for you to even think about.

You’re Just Not Ready Yet

We have goals we want to achieve in life – and many are difficult to attain if you don’t focus on that dream, especially when it comes to career goals. While you work hard for those dreams to become a reality, you feel that you’re not yet ready for love because that might distract you from your goals.

There’s nothing wrong with that, of course, but this could be the reason why you’re still single today despite the fact that you’re a good catch!

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