6 Reasons Why Happy Couples Post Less About Their Relationship on Social Media

For most couples nowadays, it’s not official till it’s Facebook official. Social media has somehow required people to post stuff about their relationship online to prove that it really happened.

Many couples these days tend to announce every information about their dating life on social media. Instead of using the time to spend it with their partners, they’d spend hours writing updates about their relationship or posting photos of their dates or romantic trips hoping to amass likes and praises on social media.


But contrary to the common attitude of couples on social media, oversharing bits and pieces of your dating life is not exactly an indication that you are indeed happy in your relationship. In fact, an article by the Business Insider says that couples who are genuinely happy post less about their relationship on social media.

Here are a few reasons.

1. We can convince ourselves that other people perceive our relationships as happy.

By simply conditioning our minds that people see our relationships happily, we can actually feel happier.

2. When you’re happy in your relationship, you’ll have less time to take photos.

You’re naturally more present for your partner if you’re genuinely happy. This means you’ll have less time to be distracted by picture snapping as well as social media feeds checking.

3. It is better for couples not to share their arguments on social media.

Posting your fights online will never resolve any issue. It is never right to air your dirty laundry online for your social media contacts to feast on.

4. There’s no need for happy couples to seek external validation.

Their relationship actually validates them. That means they don’t need to update others about their relationship just to get the feeling of acceptance.

5. They don’t need to prove anything to the world.

Genuinely happy couples don’t need to prove that they are indeed happy. Thus, there is no need for them to post “pieces of evidence”.

6. People who use social media less are significantly happier.

Depression as well as lack of mental health have been linked to excessive social media use. That’s because they tend to compare their lives with other people’s lives showcased on social media. Unknown to them, they’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg. People in happy relationships, probably since they have tons of fun stuff to do with their partners, will spend less time checking their social media feeds.