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6 Pathetic Excuses Men Make When You Catch Them Cheating

Why do people cheat? Well, there are many reasons why they do that but it’s sad that those who do cheat often think their partners won’t catch them – or sometimes they just no longer care.

What’s pathetic is that when you do catch them cheating, they make excuses that are so unbelievable – and it makes you wonder if they think you really are that stupid not to catch them or know they are cheating, eh?

She’s Just a Friend

Yeah, right! Tell that to your grandma!

While they’re probably not an official couple, she’s certainly not ‘just a friend’ – especially if he’s texting her every few hours and makes sure to greet her “Good morning” when he wakes up as well as “Good night” when he goes to sleep, every single day.

That Text was Meant for You

Did he just call you ‘sweetheart’ when your endearment is ‘darling’? And did his messages start sounding different?

He might tell you he’s just trying to use new terms and the text you think he sent by mistake was really meant for you. Hmmmm. We’re not that stupid, guys!

A Friend Just Used My Phone

You just found messages on his phone that were clearly for someone special – and you know for sure it’s not you. But he tells you his friend just used his phone and those messages do not belong to him. Would you still believe that? Definitely pathetic.

We Were Just Trying to Make Her Guy Jealous

So, you have proof that he was the one who sent the messages because of the time stamp, duh! So, he changed tactics and said they were just trying to make her guy jealous because she feels he does not love her anymore or some blah blah reason. Yeah, right!


I Wanted to Feel Loved Because You’re Too Busy

Oh! So it’s now your fault that he cheated on you? Besides, if he really wanted attention and to feel love, why didn’t he just make an effort to spend more time with you and make you love him more?

I Didn’t Really Love Her, You’re the Only One I Love

And when all excuses fail, he pulls out his trump card – she didn’t matter to him and he didn’t love her because you’re the only one he loves. It was just a game to him because he was a bit bored. Sigh.

What can you Say?


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