51-Year-Old Dentist Looks So Young She’s Mistaken for Her Daughter’s Sister

A 51-year-old dentist looks so young that she is often mistaken for her daughter’s sister. Her incredibly youthful looks went viral with many netizens wishing she would share her secrets…

Looking Young

She is already 51 years old, but Lee Su Jin from South Korea looks so young that she is often mistaken for her daughter’s sister. The dentist has been dubbed as the “goddess of eternal youth”, thanks to her youthful looks that make her look like she still a teenager.


But her daughter first hated how her mom looks so young and that they are being compared as siblings. Jin’s daughter claimed that her mom is too focused on social media and looking great, ignoring her as daughter. Meanwhile, Jin said she can’t understand her daughter and that she turns to social media for social interaction because her daughter no longer talks to her beginning when the young girl started middle school.

The two were invited to join the Korean TV show, “Same Bed, Different Dreams”. On the show, they were able to share what they thought about each other. After they were able to open up about their feelings, they were able to patch things up.


Today, the two appear to have truly settled their differences as the younger girl now appears more on Jin’s social media posts.

Many fans joke that Jin could be a vampire because she clearly hasn’t looked older despite her advanced age. But non-fans said that she has likely undergone cosmetic surgery to look young. After all, South Korea is known for its cosmetic enhancement procedures.


But Jin simply laughs the news off, claiming that her youthful looks are natural.

Secrets to Looking Young

Jin shares her secretes to looking young. She said that aside from her regular skin care regimen and balanced lifestyle, she stays optimistic at all times so she that doesn’t experience stress. She also eats light, goes to the gym a few times a week, and makes sure to sleep at least 8 hours a night.


Many netizens said they’ve been doing the same things but still look old. They joke that Jin probably just uses too many filters. LOL.