5-Year-Old Boy Takes His ‘Best Friend” For A Romantic First Date

First dates are always memorable – and a little boy from Christchurch in Dorset wanted to make sure that he had a most special one. In fact, this awesome kid has captivated the whole world as his story has achieved viral fame.

Freddie Gibson, 5 years old, has just learned from his parents what a ‘date’ is after he asked them about it. Right then and there, he told his folks that he wanted to go out on a date with Dee Dee, his ‘best friend in the whole world.”

freddie gibson 5 yeard old boy goes on first date 2

Photo credit: Pizza Express

According to a post by the Mirror, Freddie began by sending an invitation for Dee Dee, asking her to go on a date with him once she turned five. The boy then went the extra mile by saving up some of his birthday money so he can have something to spend for their meal. On top of that, he got himself a new wallet where he can keep the money safe.

Nina Gibson, his mom, was just delighted to lend a hand. She was present at the date to help them read the menu plus she prepared a small bouquet for Dee Dee – since Freddie wanted to give her some flowers.

Nina shared:

“Katy and I have known each other since our antenatal classes and the children have always had an incredibly close friendship.

“Freddie had been talking about asking Dee Dee on a ‘date’ for a while, so as they’re both huge Pizza Express fans it seemed like the obvious place for them to go.

“It was just the cutest trip out ever and it was so wonderful to see them have such a great time.”

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Photo credit: Pizza Express

Restaurant staff prepared a special dessert decorated with hearts for their young guests.

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Photo credit: Pizza Express

Speaking about their date, Freddie said:

“Dee Dee is my best friend in the whole world and I loved our date. I’d like to take Dee Dee on another date because she’s beautiful.”

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Photo credit: Pizza Express

Dee Dee, on the other hand, admitted:

“I really enjoyed going on a date with Freddie – especially the hearts on our ice cream!”

Meanwhile, Katy Jones, Dee Dee’s mother, had this to say about the kids:

“It really was the funniest thing, an invite in the post (once Dee Dee had reached the respectable age of 5), a tiny bouquet of flowers, a table for two by the window!

“They are polar opposites in personality but really are very fond of each other, Dee Dee has even picked out her wedding dress from the local boutique!”

We can’t help but smile so wide for this adorable young ‘couple.’