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5 Ways to Show Your Wife How Much You Love Her

Marriages go through several phases, starting with the lovey-dovey honeymoon season when you just can’t your hands off each other. But as the years pass and you get too busy with the kids or your respective careers, sometimes it might feel like you are now living with a complete stranger.

Don’t wait for the day when you realize you’ve both fallen out of love. Find ways to show your wife how much you love her – and it doesn’t always mean showering her with gifts!

Keep the Romance Alive

Yes, giving her flowers, chocolates, and gifts surely works a lot but keeping the romance alive doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money. If you don’t have money, there are other ways to show her you love her.

Aim to do something romantic for your wife even for just once a week. You can give her a massage, for example. Another option would be to treat her to a fancy restaurant or if the budget does not allow that, then how about cooking dinner once a week?

Open Your Communication Lines

These days, we’re too busy on our phones, connecting with our friends online but we forget to connect with those physically near us. Make time each day to talk to your wife, without gadgets in your hand.

Acknowledge Her Role in the Family

Even if you both have jobs, your wife probably still works more in the house than you do. She cares for the kids, cooks the meals, prepares your clothes, helps the kids with their assignment, and many other extra tasks.

Acknowledge her role in the family and make her feel valued. Don’t forget to thank your wife.

Help Out in the House

While it’s great to show appreciation to your wife, it’s still best to help her out. If your wife cooked the dinner, why not help clean up the table and wash the dishes?

Show your wife that you’re still her knight in shining armor, the guy who would always help her out in times of need. You don’t just stay a knight in times of trouble but even in your day-to-day lives.

Show Her You’re Still Attracted to Her

Years into the marriage, most couples are so used to each other that they no longer feel sparks when they see each other. Sharing a bed often means just sharing the space, with little romance left.

Don’t wait for that to happen – always show your wife that you love her and are still attracted to her. Count your blessings and find ways to compliment your wife.

You’ll notice that she’ll bloom even more with your continued love and attention…

Source: Fulfilling Your Vows

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