5 Tips To Calm Your Mind So You Can Sleep

With all the things that require our attention – from reading the whole 10 chapters of our favorite book, to school assignments, to work, to keeping ourselves updated with all our friends’ Facebook statuses – 24 hours seems not enough to fit everything into our schedule.

On average, a person gets roughly around six to eight hours per day. But when our mind gets busy, it’s very hard to find the rest that we need, resulting to a medical condition called insomnia.


Worry not as we give you 5 helpful tips to calm your mind so you can sleep:

  1. Write down your to-dos. Put into paper everything that needs to be done so you can get back to it the next day
  2. Recite something. Mentally recite song, prayer, poem…anything just to keep your mind from the stressful thoughts that keep you crowded
  3. Meditation. Quiet your mind by focusing on something specific. According to meditation instructors, your thoughts can be as simple as thinking how the air moves through your nostrils, or how your chest rises and falls as you breathe
  4. Live in the “NOW”. Keep yourself from thinking the past of future. Stick to where you are right now and release anything you cannot control.
  5. Create a relaxing pre-bedtime routine. Give yourself at least half an hour to prepare for pillow time. Take this time to relax yourself. Drinking chamomile tea, listening to mild music, or doing light exercise can help until you ease yourself to sleep.

With the right habit, you can say goodbye to sleepless nights which can lead to medical issues when not checked.