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5 Things to Tell Your Partner When Things Get Difficult in Your Relationship

Finding love is a beautiful thing but staying in love is a huge challenge, especially in this day of modern gadgets and the internet when it is easy to find someone new online.

But when things become difficult in your relationship, don’t just give up. Oftentimes, couples break up due to lack of communication but you can remedy that. Check out these things to tell your partner when things get difficult.

I Love You

As cliché as it might sound, “I love you” is still one of the best ways to tell your partner you love him/her.

But you can be more specific with what you tell your partner.

How about these for starters?

I love you because you are such a great mother!” or “I love you because you cook the best dinners.”

Thank You

Sadly, we are so used to our partners and what they do for us that we take them for granted. We often forget to thank them for the things they do for us.

When things get difficult in your relationship, count your blessings and the things you are grateful for, especially in your partner. Thank them for it.

Thank you for taking out the trash last night.”

Thank you for cooking my favourite meal.”

Thank you for being someone I can respect.

Please Forgive Me

It is difficult to admit that you are wrong and to ask forgiveness but when things get tough in your relationship, it’s actually a good idea to swallow your pride and admit your wrongdoings. Yes, your partner might be hurt with the things you’ve done but if you are honest enough to admit that you’re wrong and serious in changing yourself, then things will soon get better.

I’m Going to Make an Effort to…

A lot of husbands are angry that their wives are naggers, forgetting at times that their wives are nagging them over things they could easily fix and, thus, stop the nagging!

How about finally listening to your wife and making an effort to do what she asks?

I’m going to make an effort to spend more time with the kids and have fun with them.

I’m going to make an effort to fix that broken sink now.”

What Can I Do to Make Things Better?

Communication is really the key to better relationships. While we know a lot about our partners, we aren’t mind-readers who know what they are thinking – and they can’t also read our minds. If you need to tell your partner something, do it.

And when things get difficult, it would be better if you talk about what each of you can do to make things better.

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