5 Surprising Habits that Make You Age Faster

Do you think you’re ageing faster than your years?

If your appearance doesn’t seem to match your age, then you might want to re-evaluate your daily routines before buying expensive anti-ageing products or considering going under the knife. Unknown to many, the food you consume and the makeup you use can add years to your face and may even shorten your lifespan.


Here are some everyday habits that can accelerate your age, according to Health Digezt.

1. Sleeping on your side with your face in the pillow

While this is a very comfortable sleeping position for many, sleeping with your face smashed into pillow can give you wrinkles. That’s because the connective tissue and collagen in your face becomes weaker and less supportive as you age. It’s best that you sleep on your back and use a satin pillowcase to keep your skin smooth.

2. Sleep deprivation

Sleeping less than five hours every single day not only makes you look older, it can also shorten your lifespan. Aside from the numerous health problems sleep deprivation causes, it also leads to the development of wrinkles and uneven pigmentation. It also reduces skin elasticity.

3. Smoking

We all know the dangerous effects of smoking but a recent study has confirmed its connection with facial aging. In a recent twin study, it was found that the twin who smoked have more wrinkles, dull skin and fine lines compared to the other twin who didn’t light up the stick.

4. Removing all fat from your diet

According to a certified nutritionist, fat is necessary in maintaining a youthful appearance. Good fats like omega 3 fatty acids in salmon, mackerel, walnuts and flax seeds make our skin plump and supple. It prevents the appearance of wrinkles and improves the brain and heart health.

5. Excessive wearing of makeup

Wearing too much oil-based makeup can cause breakouts and clog the skin pores. Instead of investing on too much makeup, take care of your skin by applying sunblock on your face and eye cream to prevent premature ageing.