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5 Sure Signs It’s Time for Your Relationship to End

Human as we are, we crave for comfort and love from another human being. Sadly, however, not all relationships are a match made in heaven – and not everyone finds their soulmate, their one true love.

In reality, while most relationships start out as fun, heavenly, and the best thing that both parties could ever hope for, many of these are bound to end. Of course, each relationship faces different challenges and it’s up to the couple to make it work but how do you know when it’s time to give up and not fight anymore?

While a lot of people can easily tell when their relationship is over, others are confused. But though there are many tell-tale signs, here are five of the most common:

Trust Issues

Trust is a very fragile thing. Once it is broken, it’s very difficult to bring it back to its unbroken form. If you could no longer trust your partner and he/she is not even doing anything to win your trust back, then it’s most likely time to go.

If you constantly live in fear that he/she will cheat on you again, then you would never be happy.

Your Partner is Your Biggest Source of Stress

Remember that entered a relationship to be happy but if your partner is your biggest source of stress, what’s the point in staying with him/her? Don’t ever make the long years you’ve been together as the reason for staying.

If you are just obligated to stay but no longer feel loved, do yourself a favor and walk away. Your partner should be your source of strength and happiness, not the one who constantly gives you problems.

He/She is Controlling Your Life

While it’s nice to have a partner with whom you can share your life with, you can’t just control each other. A relationship is a partnership between two people in love with each other. If someone begins to control your life, cutting you off from your friends or controlling what you are allowed to do, then this is no longer healthy.

End the relationship before it is too late.

You’re Happier Alone

Yes, he/she might have been the ‘perfect one’ when you first met but people change – or they eventually show their real face. While you had been in love with that person you first met, you are now feeling much happier when you are alone than when you are with your partner. If that happens, what’s the point in staying?

Extreme Communication Problems

While most people who are truly in love can stay by each other’s side and enjoy a comfortable silence, not talking to each other for days is just not acceptable – especially if you live together or can easily reach each other using a cellphone.

If you can live for days without a call or text from your partner – you don’t even miss him/her, then it means he/she no longer has a place in your heart.

Source: Power of Positivity

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