5 Reasons Why You Should Include Century Eggs in Your Diet

The idea of eating century egg may not be appealing for many, but it’s interesting to know that this special delicacy isn’t really 100 years old. In fact, it only takes a few months to turn an ordinary duck egg, chicken egg or even quail egg into this exotic Asian treat.

Originating from ancient China, century eggs are traditionally made by covering each egg with a special mixture of lime, ash and clay. Each egg is rolled into rice hulls to prevent it from sticking from the rest. A few months later, the aged egg is ready for consumption. Some century eggs available in the market these days are aged using salt and alkaline hydroxide.

By irrational_cat (Flickr) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

By irrational_cat (Flickr) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Although the nutrient profile of a century egg is the same as that of ordinary eggs, the ageing process makes all the difference. The process cause chemical reactions within the egg that tend to add healthy perks to the eggs.

Here are some interesting perks of adding century eggs in your diet.

1. It is rich in iron.

Iron is one of the many nutrients found in century eggs. Adding this to your diet will help prevent occurrence of iron-deficieny anemia since iron is responsible for the production of red blood cells.

2. It contains selenium.

A known antioxidant, selenium regulates blood pressure and promotes a healthy thyroid gland.

3. It is loaded with protein.

Like other regular eggs, century eggs provide high quality protein important for muscle repair and maintenance. Moreover, protein is responsible for energizing the body, production of hormones and healthy skin, nails and hair.

4. It contains fewer carbohydrates.

The amount of carbohydrates usually present in eggs is actually reduced because of the ageing process. This is vital for individuals wanting to slim down.

5. It has vitamin D.

Vitamin D, which we commonly get from the sun, can also be found in century eggs. It’s great for the mood and calcium absorption.

Keep in mind that century eggs, just like ordinary eggs, are also rich in cholesterol.