5 Mysterious Travelers – Are These Aliens or People from Other Dimensions?

Humans have this fascination with time travel and aliens, mainly because we want to explore what’s really out there, especially considering how there are things that remain a complete mystery even hundreds of years after these were discovered.

We found a video on YouTube created by Dark5, depicting 5 mysterious travelers whose appearance, clothes, vehicles, and overall behavior made them appear to be from another time or dimension quite different from the period they were found in. Could these people be time travelers who were able to find a glitch in the space-time continuum or are these folks who live in a parallel universe? Could they be aliens?

To date, these questions remain unanswered – and might remain so until the end of time unless someone discovers the truth or find another enigmatic person under the same circumstances.

These 5 mysterious travelers could be proof that time travel and/or other dimensions exist – yet some are saying these might just be people trying to hide and have assumed different identities. The latter explanation would have been plausible but aside from the weird vehicles some of them were found in, don’t you think people who are trying to hide will draw attention to themselves by appearing too odd or too weird? I don’t think so!

What other explanations can you suggest for these 5 mysteries? Check out the video and tell us what you think:


Parallel Universe

In fiction, a parallel universe co-exists with our own. This self-contained reality possibly has creatures that do not look human but walk, talk, and behave like people do.

Because parallel universes (sometimes termed as “multiverse“) are still located on Earth but on a different dimension, then it is theorized that people, animals, and things can travel between these dimensions depending on certain circumstances.

Sometimes, these other dimensions are used by conspiracy theorists to explain mysterious events, such as the sudden and very odd disappearances of certain flights in recent years!