5 Important Signs You Need Marriage Counseling

Just like many things in life, marriage does not come with a manual. Often, couples have to undergo trial and error to eventually find the right solution to various problems they encounter throughout their married life. But marriage counseling is an important option that you should probably try.

More often than not, the spark that brought you together eventually wanes as the years go by. But here are important signs you should not miss because these will tell it’s time you and your spouse undergo marriage counseling.

1. Communication has Deteriorated

It could be that you are no longer talking to each other or if you do, it’s always negative. When communication lines have broken down and you feel like you’re always trying to defend yourself or, perhaps, find something wrong with your spouse, it’s time to talk to a marriage counselor.

Negative communication can escalate to something worse. Before it becomes too late, seek help.

2. There’s a Third Party Involved

A third party is one of the most common reasons why marriages break down. But an affair should not always break down a marriage. Perhaps it’s just a wakeup call for you both to try harder to make your marriage work with each other? A marriage counselor can help you find answers and closure in this difficult situation – either you root for the marriage or move on…

3. When You’re Keeping Too Many Secrets

This does not even mean you’re having an affair. It might be that you’re keeping too many secrets about your children, about your finances and your spending habits, or about your new ‘hobbies’. This could be detrimental to the marriage, especially if you’re incurring debt to fund your wants and this would surely lead to another big argument. A professional could help you sort things out.

4. You No Longer Care About What Your Spouse Will Do

Tired of constantly arguing with your spouse and you’re now just ignore each other? If you no longer care what your spouse thinks, what he/she does, or no longer feel excited to see him/her again, then those are big warning bells that you should talk to a marriage counselor.

5. When You’re Only Staying Together for the Kids

You might still live in the same house, the same bedroom but there’s no more intimacy involved. When you feel that you’re only staying together for the sake of the kids, make sure to book that appointment ASAP.

When you feel those warning bells ringing, it’s best to do something. Early intervention saved a lot of marriages. Don’t wait until it’s too late to seek for marriage counseling….