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5 Heartbreaking Things That Could Happen to Your Kids When You Cheat on Your Partner

We get it; there really are many times when relationships don’t work out the way we wanted them to. Sadly, many of these relationships were broken due to infidelity.

While it’s tough maintaining a relationship with someone you no longer love, it’s even harder when kids are involved. Aside from the obvious outcome of living in a broken family, there are a number of heartbreaking things that could happen to your kids when you cheat on your partner.

Trust Issues

When children know that one of their parents cheated on the other, they will develop trust issues that make them feel that people will always cheat on them. This could lead to them becoming either very possessive of their future partners or being too passive in love, thinking that they should cheat first before their partner does it.

Constant Fear of Abandonment

As kids, they are unsure what would happen next and whether you will leave them. While you ‘only’ cheated on your partner, the child feels that you cheated on the whole family.

Sadly, this carries on as they grow up and they would continually fear that their loved ones would abandon them. The usual defense mechanism there is to push everyone away so that they won’t experience heartbreak – because for them, loving someone also means experiencing heartbreak.

They Blame Themselves

Too many kids end up with low self-esteem and high self-hate when their parents break up because they tend to blame themselves as the family falls apart. As their parents fight, the kids might feel that they are to blame and that their parents’ wrongdoings are their own.

They feel so unworthy of love and affection that they could end up growing as heartless, cynic adults.

Disbelief in Love

We are the perfect heroes in the eyes of our children. Thus, when you betray their trust by cheating on your partner, this could be the highest betrayal they could ever feel.

This could lead to them growing up not believing in love. As adults, they just might play around and not get into serious relationships because they believe that love does not exist. Even if someone tries to show them what real love is, they just might shy away from that because they fear that just like their parents, they would end up just getting cheated on.

They Grow Up as Cheaters

Because they subconsciously think that love won’t last anyway, they end up cheating on their partners to sabotage what love they might find. Plus, a lot of children follow in their parents’ footsteps or mimic how they lived their lives.

Sadly, according to a clinical psychologist, as much as 55% of children whose parents were unfaithful eventually grow up to become cheaters as well. In the eyes of these children, infidelity just might be ‘acceptable’ or something that is unavoidable when temptation strikes.

Source: Bright Side

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